Whenever you walk into a grocery store or liquid store, there’s always a tendency you’ll come across non-alcoholic beverages. Fast forward to your home; your refrigerator might contain at least one non-alcoholic drink in it. First and foremost, it’s vital to tell the difference between an Alcohol Beverage and a Non-Alcohol beverage. Knowing the effects of a non-alcoholic beverage is critical as this can help in your life therapy and health goals. Let’s start from the beginning to gain better clarity on the subject matter as your life therapy takes you on an in-depth discussion on non-alcoholic beverages.


Let’s start by defining the term beverages. A Beverage is any liquid that is consumed for hydration, nourishment, and energy. There’s been a general belief that beverages have to do with liquids like tea, coffee, and water only. However, the variety of beverages are numerous, from wine to cocktail, juice, soda, cider, beer, you name it. It’s an endless list all the way. What this means is that you can quench your thirst through various means. 

So it’s a great idea to be able to identify which beverage is okay for your consumption. One way to do that is to determine if you’re a fan of alcoholic beverages or non-alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are beverages that contain a high percentage of alcohol. That’s the most simplistic definition I could churn up in no time. In this article, though, we’ll be concentrating more on non-alcoholic beverages. 

What Are Non-Alcohol Beverages?

Non-Alcohol beverages are simply beverages without alcohol. However, most drinks with an alcohol percentage of less than 0.5 percent are non-alcoholic beverages, and that’s why we can call an apple cider drink a non-alcoholic beverage. 

Categories of Non-Alcohol Beverages

Despite the long list of non-alcoholic beverages, they have categories that help with easy identification. Non Alcoholic beverages consist of the hot drinks and soft drinks category. Examples of hot drinks are your common tea and coffee, while soft drinks are your fruit juice, carbonated drinks, carbonated water, and tonic.  

Other examples of non-alcoholic beverages are smoothies, milkshakes, mocktails, non-alcoholic beer/ spirits, and energy drinks. It’s okay to choose the one best for your body. A healthier life therapy can also help you keep your health in check while enjoying your favorite non-alcoholic beverages. Here are some of the best non-alcoholic beverage products that you might want to consider.

Non-Alcohol Beverages

Asahi Dry Premium Japanese Beer

The Asahi dry premium Japanese beer is known for its unique taste and excellent brewing qualities. It comes with a rich flavored taste that leaves your mouth with a dry aftertaste. Since it suits customer preference, the Asahi dry premium Japanese beer can be taken with any meal of your choice, thanks to its refreshing qualities. 


  • It is gluten-free and alcohol-free, which makes it a safe choice
  • Constant consumption helps raise the antioxidant levels in the body


  • It is not a proven choice for recovering alcoholics, especially those who just concluded a life changing therapy on alcohol abuse.

Ritual Zero Proof Alternative Whiskey

Ritual Zero Proof Alternative whiskey is the perfect non-alcoholic mixer for your cocktails. It comes with quite a fantastic flavor and spicy aroma that makes it the ideal ritual spirit. In addition, it maintains the qualities of whisky, excluding alcohol and carbs. 


  • It is perfect for nursing mothers
  • Free of gluten, carbs, and calories to improve the immune system


  • Produces a solid spicy aftertaste that isn’t pleasant
  • It contains a small dose of xanthan, which is not suitable for sensitive stomach patients
Non-Alcohol Beverages

Premium Sparkling Cleen Craft Hemp Drink

This non-alcoholic beverage is from organic ingredients that help boost your body’s immune system. This perfect cocktail mixer is free of caffeine and has unique ingredients like vegetable extracts, filtered water, and cane sugar. The taste alone makes it the ideal liquor for your get-together and relaxation activities with friends. It also comes with natural flavors of ginger, lime, and cola.


  • It is caffeine-free for those that avoid caffeine drinks
  • It is a plant-based drink with numerous health benefits
  • It is the perfect mix for cocktails


  • The ginger flavor comes with a powerful unpleasant taste
  • They are quite expensive
  • It doesn’t taste well when not chilled

Free Spirit Non Alcoholic Gin

For the first time, a consumer can choose how much alcohol is used in their creation. These non-alcoholic alternatives gain inspiration from the world’s most famous spirits such as Whiskey, Gin, and Margaritas. In addition to being strong, flavorful, and non-alcoholic, these spirit alternatives are also immersed with Amino acids and Vitamin B to elevate the drinker’s feeling and insights.


  • It contains Amino acids and Vitamin B to raise your moods
  • It comes with a potent tonic and gin essence


  • The citrus flavor is overwhelming
  • Gin flavor is not strong enough like real gin
Non-Alcohol Beverages
Dream Light by Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics Dream Light Non Alcoholic Spirit

The Kin Euphorics beverage category is an innovative non-alcoholic beverage designed to assist with stress and enhance brain power while providing emotional uplift. This beverage has become a regular part of the everyday life of individuals. 

King Euphorics Dream Light Non-alcoholic spirit holds the keys to introducing better flow states, which allows you to achieve more memorable experiences and profound affiliations, regardless of the situation.


  • It enhances the brainpower
  • Provides emotional uplift
  • It is a vegan beverage that is sugar-free and gluten-free
  • It contains natural supplements for mind stimulation


  • It produces effects of drowsiness when drank directly 
  • It is only for mixing cocktails and not for direct consumption
  • Too expensive

Lyres G and T Non-Alcoholic Drink

This ready-to-drink canned alternative to traditional gin and tonic is alcohol-free. It has loads of flavorings like lime, jasmine, minor quantities of standard quinine, and orange blooms. This cocktail offers a well-balanced mixture of flavors, such as juniper, tonic, and citrus. Lyre’s G&T concludes with a smooth texture and a delightful fizz.


  • It comes with juniper, tonic, and citrus flavors for an appealing taste
  • It produces a bubbling refreshing taste and smooth texture 


  • No Cons available
Non-Alcohol Beverages
Suntory Japanese Beer Beverage

Non-Alcoholic Suntory All free Japanese Beer

This product is a beer that closely resembles a typical Japanese beer. However, this drink, made from the finest malt and hops, is alcohol-free and has zero calories. When supplementing the two-barley malt, natural water and hops are applicable. Whether you’re out to eat or having a meal at home, this delightful beer flavor is perfect for any situation.


  • It comes with zero calories
  • It comes with a refreshing taste similar to the actual beer


  • Not many flavors are available
  • Too expensive


Non-alcoholic beverages are the best solutions for individuals who want to cut down on their alcohol intake. However, sometimes most family life counseling isn’t enough to educate individuals on the credibility of non-alcoholic beverages and how they can help. It is why your life therapy has introduced these great products that will help you make the right choice of beverages.